This image is called 'dust'. It is part the 'Paradise Lost' series of 20 painted domes. These fragile worlds contain images from the local, national and international press regarding climate change. They document the passage of time from 2009 to 2011. The images tell quite a biblical story of drought, flood, famine and plague which have all affected Australia in recent times. The incidence of severe weather events has caused horrific losses since then as human impact on the environment produces violent climate shifts.

My Story

Vicki Luke has been a practicing artist for 35 years. Beginning in Graphic Design with a specialty for illustration, I refocused on visual arts mid career. After studying drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture, I have taught these disciplines since 2002. I am a passionate collaborator who believes that everyone should have the chance to develop their creative side.

I regularly exhibit as a visual artist along with commissioned work, mainly for local government.

My work encompasses the myths of Eden, Paradise and the sublime in conjunction with climate change.


These works are inspired by the stories of The Tree of Life and The Tree of Knowledge. Ideas that reappear around the world in many different belief systems. These fragile images scribed into smoke echo the fleeting nature of knowledge and wisdom. They explore the idea that humanity needs to be reconnected with nature and all it has to tell us.